Pat Yamin's Visit

We were fortunate to have Pat Yamin speak at our April guild meeting. Pat's successful business Come Quilt With Me designs and manufactures plastic templates for quilters. She also teaches and lectures across the country and has authored 7 books. Pat is especially known for her vast collection of antique quilts which are a never ending source of inspiration to her. Since Pat lives close by in Brooklyn, she was able to load up the car with her collection to share with us. Pat’s humor and history with quilting shown through as she displayed her antique quilts. Using them as a springboard she has designed modern versions of these quilts which are a delight to see juxtaposed against the old one

Melanie Tuazon's Visit

In March we were lucky to have the talented Melanie Tuazon speak at our guild meeting. Melanie is an award winning quilter who started quilting in 2011. In that short span of time Melanie has developed her own unique voice and process of quilting. She has developed a method of designing improvisational quilts that can benefit the beginner to the seasoned quilter. Melanie’s handout for the workshop the following day had a quote from Orson Welles “The enemy of art is the absence of limitation”. She makes improv accessible by helping the quilter decide what kinds of limitations or rules to follow in making design choices that will set boundaries and give a quilt cohesion. A great example of thi

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