Sunshine Quilting Bee Schedule

No live quilting bees until further notice.

During our year+ pandemic, the Sunshine committee (Pat Buikema, Emily Egerter, Mindy Mathisen, Liz Mershon, Ginny Moe, Sallie Rosal and Jean Stubaus) leant guidance to guild members who continued to produce quilts and comfort pillows. Although hospitals and charitable organizations did not accept donations for most of the year, when re-openings began we were prepared and have recently made donations to Jersey Shore Hospital, Ocean Medical Center and several women’s shelters, as well as comfort pillows to veterans’ homes.

A special shout out to Emily Egerter who quilted 85 quilts in 2020, and has already quilted 62 more in the first 3 months of this year.  In some cases she made the entire quilt as well as quilting it.  Our team efforts have continued during this unsettling time as GSQ members continue to contribute to Sunshine by prepping kits, cutting, stitching, quilting and binding quilts. Thanks to all!  You are so appreciated by the recipients of these gifts.


We are looking forward to resuming our Bees in the near future!

Happiness can be found at one of the GSQ Quilting Bees.

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