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Melanie Tuazon's Visit

In March we were lucky to have the talented Melanie Tuazon speak at our guild meeting. Melanie is an award winning quilter who started quilting in 2011. In that short span of time Melanie has developed her own unique voice and process of quilting. She has developed a method of designing improvisational quilts that can benefit the beginner to the seasoned quilter.

Melanie’s handout for the workshop the following day had a quote from Orson Welles “The enemy of art is the absence of limitation”. She makes improv accessible by helping the quilter decide what kinds of limitations or rules to follow in making design choices that will set boundaries and give a quilt cohesion.

A great example of this is her quilt “Neighbors” in which Melanie was inspired by the shadows her Venetian blinds made. By playing with the size, color and symmetry she created an abstract quilt that is full of variation and movement.

During the workshop Melanie also taught her own method for improvisational curves.

Check out some of the cool pictures from the workshop below. To see more of Melanie’s quilts you can visit her website or visit her on Instagram at melintheattic.

Melani's quilt "Neighbors"

Melanie's quilt "Neighbors"

Learning how to make curves

A close up of Melanie's fingerprint curves

A closeup of Melanie's fingerprint curve

learning how to freehand cut curves

Free form curve cutting!

Student work from the workshop

Student work from the workshop

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