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2023 Waterfall Raffle Quilt

2023 GSQ Raffle Quilt.jpg

These are pictures of the amazing quilt and the fabrics used for it that will be raffled off at our guild quilt show "All Cut Up" in October 2023. The pictures show the beautiful batik fabrics that were purchased from Acme Country Fabrics, and the final quilt that was assembled by 8 of our members and quilted by Barbara Campbell. The pattern was based on Waterfall quilt pattern and measures 96 x 96 inches (approximately Queen sized).

Members have each been given a picture of the finished quilt and raffle tickets that are $1/ticket to sell to family, friends, and the public.

Please see one of our members if you are interested in purchasing one or more raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt!

2023 GSQ Raffle Quilt Fabrics.jpg

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