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Sunshine is the group that coordinates the charitable efforts of the Guild.

We make baby quilts, lap quilts and sometimes larger quilts for delivery to local organizations such as Jersey 'Battered Women's Shelter, Runnells Specialized Hospital, Children's Specialized Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and NICU Beth Israel Hospital Newark. We also donate single quilts to be used in raffles or auctions for charitable organizations' fundraising. We have recently begun making isolette covers to be used in the NICU at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark to create a womb-like environment for these tiny wisps of humanity.

Naturally there are lots of knitters in a quilting group and nothing can stop someone like our member, Judy Mason, from making loads  of cute little baby caps for the Sunshine Committee.

From donated and purchased fabrics, the committee organizes putting together kits including tops to be pieced, the batting, backing and binding. Donated quilt tops are welcomed; donors can include or not, the backing and binding. We will complete the kit as needed.

Complete a kit or work on any one of the stages along the way. Piece the top, quilt the sandwich (by machine or tie), or add the binding. Return the kit when finished. There are typically on the order of 120 kits in play at the various stages of completion.

The committee chairs handle the donation. On a particularly cold February day 2010, we delivered 14 quilts to the JBWS and were told that night there were 14 mothers being sheltered. Serendipity.

December's Guild meeting includes group quilt tying. Sunshine lays out the backing, batting and tops on tables; small groups work together tying. Typically we are able to tie 25 to 35 or a few more quilts in the one evening.

With unending, ever increasing need, we would like to increase our efforts. Judy Mason and friends are organizing more regular bees during the week. If you would like to organize a bee, please coordinate with us and we'll contribute the supplies.

Click here to see our current schedule of quilting bees.



  • Complete a quilt to donate - Lap size quilts are best and they can be for babies, kids, teens, or adults.

  • Make a kit - If you have a top, write the dimensions on a piece of paper, pin it to the top, and add in some fabric for the backing and binding. We'll supply the batting!

  • Sign out one of our kits - See the Sunshine Table at the back of the meeting room, find a kit you'd like to work on, sign it out, and bring it back when it's done. Kits include everything you need to complete a quilt and you can work on any stage (piecing, quilting, or binding) that you prefer.

  • Make a donation directly. With each donation, typically Sunshine includes one letter and then a small note with each individual quilt. (Donation Letter) (Small Donation Note)

Some easy patterns that can be used to make Sunshine Quilts

Baby Pattern

Basketweave Pattern

Log Cabin Pattern

Snowball Pattern


You can contact Sunshine by sending a message by clicking here or stop by the Sunshine Table at any meeting.

Here's a video that shows one of the ways our quilts get distributed. On August 15, 2015, 27 quilts were delivered to this organization.