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Marilyn Belford Online Class • March 2015

Marilyn Belford offers an on-line class for Realistic Fabric Portraits through the Academy of Quilting. The fee is $51 for 5 classes, one released each of 5 weeks starting March 25th, 2016. So, you can do it anytime that week (or for a few weeks after). This is not like Craftsy in which case you own the content and can replay any time you want. This class is time bounded and the classes will be removed a few weeks after the end of the course.


Sign-up link below


If this link does not work for you, go to, go to the drop down for faculty, select Marilyn and her classes will appear.

In addition to the on-line class, we will arrange for you to have a half-day group meeting with Marilyn midway through the class. She is willing to do this on a weekend; as our full-timers often cannot take workshops, we'd like to offer that meeting on a Saturday morning.


There will be an additional fee of $25 to cover room rental and Marilyn's time.


After sign-up for the online class follow these steps for the additional in person class:


1. Email Leslie Morgan at and cc: once you have signed up. Please do so before the end of January so we have time to work out the logistics of private class or not and reserving the room.


2. Class size is 20 (Marilyn answers all questions so if more than 20 it becomes challenging). If sufficient people are interested, we will have a private class. If not, our members will take the class along with others who sign up. If fewer than 15 sign up, either we cannot afford the half-day in-person session, or it will cost more.


3. To assure the additional in-person session, please fill out a workshop registration form and include the $25 fee. Click here for form.


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