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Show & Tell

One of the highlights of each guild meeting is the Show & Tell time when members proudly display the quilts they have made. Our guild is comprised of quilters of all levels, from beginners to professionals, and we enjoy and receive inspiration from each of them. 

Please bring a quilt to share at the meeting and, with your permission, we will take a photo of the quilt and include it here after the meeting. If you do not want your quilt placed on our website please indicate it on your Show and Tell Submission Forms. Sometimes the Show & Tell Submissions Forms do not get handed in or get lost. If you have a quilt without your name on it in one of these slide shows please send an email and we will be happy to update it.

Click on any image below to enlarge the picture and start the slide show.

  June 2019 Show & Tell  
  April 2019 Show & Tell  
  March 2019 Show & Tell  
  Feb 2019 Show & Tell  
  Jan 2019 Show & Tell  
  Nov 2018 Show & Tell  
  Oct 2018 Show & Tell  
  Sept 2018 Show & Tell  
  December 2017 Show & Tell  
    January 2018 Show & Tell 
  April 2018 Show & Tell  
  February 2018 Show & Tell  
  May 2018 Show & Tell  
      October 2017 Show & Tell       
      September 2017 Show & Tell       
      June 2017 Show & Tell       
      November 2017 Show & Tell      
      April 2017 Show & Tell       
      May 2017 Show & Tell       
      February 2017 Show & Tell       
      March 2017 Show & Tell       
      November 2016 Show & Tell       
      January 2017 Show & Tell       
     October 2016 Show & Tell      
     September 2016 Show & Tell      
     June 2016 Show & Tell      
     May 2016 Show & Tell      
      April 2016 Show & Tell      
  Natalie Hart Special Show & Tell  

During the February 2016 meeting we had a special Show & Tell by guild member Laura Wagner of her mom's quilts. Here is a brief bio written by Laura about her mom.


Her name was Natalie Sweetser Hart. Born in 1940 and grew up in Maine, then moved to NJ after marrying and lived here until her death in 2001. She was an early guild member, although not one of the founders. She started quilting in the mid seventies (like so many people). In the early eighties she got interested in antique quilts and became involved in the NJ Quilt Heritage project and eventually co-authored the book New Jersey Quilts 1777 to 1950 along with Rachel Cochran, Rita Erikson and Barbara Schaffer. She had her own business buying and selling antiques quilts as well.

      February 2016 Show & Tell      
      March 2016 Show & Tell      
      November 2015 Show & Tell      
      January 2016 Show & Tell      
      October 2015 Show & Tell      
      September 2015 Show & Tell      
      October 2014 Show & Tell      
     November 2014 Show & Tell      
      January 2015 Show & Tell      
      February 2015 Show & Tell      
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