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Past Speakers and Workshops

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Juanita Yeager


Workshop Topic: "Flowers in the Round"

September 2014


Deb Karazik


Workshop Topic: "Turning a New Leaf"

October 2014


Nov. 10-11, 2014

David Taylor


Workshop Topic: "Floral Pictorial Applique"

November 2014


Sue Spargo


Workshop Topic: "Embellishments on Wool"

February 2015


Bonnie Hunter


Workshop Topic: Talkin' Turkey

April 2015




Karen Gloeggler
Topic: "Jane Austen: Quilts Inspired by Her Novels"
May 2014


Becky Goldsmith

Topic: "Piece o' Cake Designs"


April 2014


Lisa Sipes

Topic: "Modern Piecing and Machine Quilting"


March 2014


Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Topic: "15 Minutes of Play"


November 2013


Jennie Rayment

Topic : "Tucks, Texture and Pleats"

Website :

October 2013


Gina Pantastico and Michelle Engel Bencsko

Co-owners of Cloud 9 Fabrics in Cranford, NJ

Lecture Topic: Our story. How and why we got started. 

September 2013



Marie Bostwick

Lecture Topic: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to Quilting


April 2013

Sharon Schamber

Lecture Topic: Trunk show and talk about the road to becoming a master machine quilter.
Workshop Topic: "Machine Quilting on your Home Machine"


March 2013

Sandra Dorrbecker
Lecture Topic: What Quilt Show Judges Look For
February 2013


Michele Hill

Lecture Topic: Journey with William Morris
Workshop Topic: Sit and Sew with Michele


October 2012

Maxine Rosenthal

Lecture Topic : 15 Year Journey with One Block Wonders

Workshop Topic : Cubes, Hollow and Otherwise

Website :

September 2012




RaNae Merrill
Speaking Topic : Spiral Mandala Quilts
Workshop Topic : Magic Mirror Mandala Quilt (pictures from workshop)
Web Site:
October 2011

Jean Biddick
Speaking Topic : Architectural Influences in Quiltmaking

November 2011

Pamela Zave
Speaking Topic : Unified Quilt Design for both traditional and non-traditional quilters.
Web Site:
February 2012

Bonnie McCaffery
Workshop Topic : DoodleZenDot Design (pictures from workshop)
Web Site:
March 2012

Gwen Marston
Workshop Topic : 19th Century Folk Art Applique (pictures from workshop)
Web Site:
April 2012

Bethany Morelli
Speaking Topic : It's All About the Journey (And the Things You Learn Along the Way) 
Web Site:
May 2012



Rayna Gillman 
Workshop Topic : "Can this Fabric be Saved" 
Web Site: 
October 2010

Anna Faustino
Workshop Topic : "Spring Flowers Curvy Weaving Technique"
Web Site: 
November 2010

Cynthia England
Speaking Topic: Creating a Pictorial Quilt
Workshop Topic:  Small Landscape Class 
Web Site: 
April 2011

Linda Hahn
Speaking Topic: Margarita Madness 
Workshop Topic:  NEW YORK BEAUTY QUILTS - Simplified 
May 2011



Mark Lipinski
September 2009
Editor, Quilter's Home Magazine

Didi Salvatierra
October 2009
Lecture: All About Baskets
Workshop: New Oxford Rose

Bill Kerr from FunQuilts
November 2009
Lecture: Transforming Traditions: Modernism and Quilts
Workshop: The Luminous Quilt

Jane Davila
April 2010
Lecture: Elements of Design

Pepper Cory
May 2010
Lecture: The Art of Real Scrap Quilting
Workshop: Down Home Drunkards Path

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