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Meetings now at a new address


The Chatham United Methodist church, where we have been meeting for over fifteen years, is no longer able to offer us Monday nights for our meetings.   They have signed a contract with another group that would use our meeting room once a week on Mondays.


As you can see this would be financially beneficial for them.   Rev. Jeff Markay has extended his gratitude to us for the community we have created at the Chatham UMC, for the care we have taken of their building, and for our commitment to leave it ready for the next group to use.  

The room would be available if we chose to use it on Tuesday or Thursday.


As a result, the Board has arranged to have all our meetings for 2015-16  at St.John’s Lutheran Church, located at 587 Springfield Ave. in Summit.  Those of you who entered quilts in our recent show will be familiar with the location.  They would like us to enter through the automatic doors at the rear of the building.  Do not push the doors because this could knock them off track.


Our first meeting is on September 14 at 6:45.  See you then.


If you have any questions please email them to


The Board  


St. John's Lutheran Church

587 Springfield Avenue
Summit NJ 07901

The church is located  on Springfield Ave. across from the Grand Summit Hotel and one block from City Hall.

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