(If you are not doing so already. I know many of you are and have established your own community liaisons with health providers in need.
Please keep sharing photos of your efforts on FB. They lift our collective spirits.
Some day when there is time again your webmaster will gather
as many as she can find for a Super Show & Tell.

Scroll to the bottom of the page if you need a drop-off point.

These Are All Good Patterns Using Fabric Ties

All  Below Have Been tested By One Or More of Our Members

Elastics are hard to come by. You all know how to make binding so you will know how to make fabric ties. And if you have twill tape, you can use that.

I suspect the selvages we trim off our fabrics will also work well but I don't have confirmation yet of that.
But save all you have for now just in case.
18 inches will make one of the fabric ties for a mask.

Each fat quarter has at least one selvage that length.

If any one can confirm that is the case let me know.

Click underlined text to download PDFs.


From Krishma Patel

From Sarah Maker

This mask includes nose adjustment with inserted wire and a filter pocket.

This is a video tutorial for this one specifically.

Video tutorial for Sarah Maker mask.

Click underlined  text to go to link.

Specific Request for Visiting Nurse Association in Morristown

You can drop the masks at the VNA building in Morristown. The main desk number there is 973-539-1216 to call ahead for someone to get the masks at the door (so you don't have to go in). 

Specific Request The Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel. 

You can drop the masks off on Yolanda's  porch:  
Go to member's only page for address.
She is making deliveries directly as they come in.
There will be an open box labeled Beth Israel donations.  Please don't ring door bell! Getting too much exercise already running from the third floor to the basement and back up. Checking box regularly.

Leave a note with mask so I know who left them. 

Preferred Mask: 
The Sarah Maker Model. Link above. With either ties or elastic.

BUT the need is so very great they will accept all models.

besides the two mentioned above:

Finished masks can be dropped off at a central location in Summit, NJ.

Go to member's only page for drop-off address.
There are two bins: one for mask donations

and one for her team to pick up after they have been washed, sorted,
and rebagged.
Be careful to put in the right bin!
The masks can be dropped off in ordinary grocery bags.
Please mark them with your name and cell phone number in case there's a question. The Medtronics team is covering emergency needs at all of the major hospitals across NYC, NJ, Westchester and Long Island.
They have the right contacts to deliver the masks to where they’re needed most.

This community liaison was established by 
SASS (Summit Area Sewing Squad) spearheaded by Vicki Lederman.

You can join this public group on Facebook.
Search for SASS (Summit Area Sewing Squad)

Image and text coming soon.

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